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Designing for Dyslexic users

designing-for-dyslexic-users-thumbnailDyslexia is a learning disability which is often overlooked while designing accessible websites. However dyslexia is fairly common among young users and should be definitely considered while designing sites which might cater to children. Dyslexia also occurs among adults and hence designing for it should also be a factor while designing any site irrespective of whether it caters to children or adults. Continue reading

Is SELFIE the New Age Digital Marketing Weapon?

mobile appsThe world is obsessed with this new age trend called ‘Selfie’. From companies to cynosures to commoners everyone is clicking and sharing selfies on social media platforms to let the world know their presence. Continue reading

The age of the ‘PreCog’ is here! Do you have your engagement strategy?

predictiveexpToday, we are in the midst of a revolution wherein customer experience is the currency by which companies will either live or die.  More than ever, customers are now truly in charge of the power to express their opinions openly and make them count.

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Best Practices & Tools for Nailing Customer Experience

Enterprise Social MarketWe are happy to share that we hosted a webinar on “The Best Practices & Tools for Nailing Customer Experience” for our US and UK based audience on the 25th and 26th of February this year. This was our first offering and we hope to continue with a series of webinars that are informative, engaging and useful for our clients, and followers.

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Email Design Best Practices

code144.8 billion emails are written everyday, many of which go straight to the trash for one reason or another – an unfamiliar sender, spammy subject, habit…we know the drill.

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