Windows Azure Machine Learning – Beginners Sample

windows-azure-machine-learning-beginners-sample-blog-thumbnailHere is the second part of my blog series on learning Azure Machine Learning. The sample walks through a really simple example of how can we use machine learning for predictive analysis using Machine Learning as a service feature. We will be building a predictive model on if the income of a person is greater than 50K based on his demographics.

Step 1 – Log onto the Azure portal using your account. you should see something like this.
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What would you tell the 25 year old you – Prasad Prabhu


They say hindsight is 20:20. If you knew what you know today, would you have done things differently when you were younger?

Wouldn’t you love to go back and give some life advice to your 25 year old self? Since time travel is unfortunately still not a reality, we’re doing the next best thing! We’re starting a new series called, “What would you tell the 25 year old you” where Aditi employees list down advice they would offer to their younger selves. Continue reading »

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning


So, I spoke at Microsoft Azure User Group in Iselin offices of Microsoft. The session was very well received so I thought of blogging about the session and sharing it with others.
Here is what I am going to cover in this blog post.

1. What is machine Learning?
2. What kind of problems is the machine learning principles trying to solve?
3. How can we apply the principles of machine learning on Microsoft Azure?
4. A simple example

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