Experiment with Leap Motion

experiment-with-leapmotion-blog-thumbnailThere are disruptions happening all around us.

One of the things that recently grabbed my attention is Leap Motion. For those who have not used it yet, this is like a Kinect controller for your computer. Actually, may be a little more sensitive than that. The product needs a little maturity but I love the out of the box thinking. This has the potential of how we work with our computer. May be the mouse pad will be obsolete soon.

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Best Code I Ever Shipped: Hanumantha Reddy

best-code-i-ever-shipped-hanumantha-reddyHanumantha Reddy is an expert on ASP.Net MVC, Windows Azure and SQL server who believes that being adaptable is the way to go in today’s day and age. He also feels that in order to be successful, one should follow guidelines and the suggested best practices. Microsoft Lync and Skype feature in his list of most preferred applications.

He draws a lot of inspiration from the people around him at work. His passion for coding made him work on a new framework for unit testing Javascript for MVVM, a single page application. Read on to know more about the project and what drives Hanumantha. Continue reading »

Enabling People with Low Vision to Access Android Smartphones

enabling-people-with-low-vision-to-access-android-smartphones-blog-thumbnailWhen we think of the visually challenged we usually think of people who are blind. But there’s another category that has limited sensitivity to light and objects. They are neither blind nor normally sighted; they are known as people with ‘low vision’. Also termed as the partially sighted.

We at the Centre of Excellence for Accessibility at Aditi Litehouse work on making the differently abled get closer to technology.

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Gravitas and Chutzpah #4: Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast [Internal Memo Leaked]

gravitas-and-chutzpah-culture-eats-strategy-for-breakfast-internal-memo-leaked-blog-thumbnailWhat makes a successful team?  We say a collection of people who share a passion towards reaching a common goal. Aditi’s Team at Europe managed to grow their business with a combination of energy, confidence and nerve. Kaushik Banerjee, SVP, Europe recently shared an email with his team and we happened to chance upon it. We are sharing this with you exclusively with you! Here is a sneak peek into the real deal.

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When ‘Big Smoke’ met India

when-big-smoke-met-india-amir-hanjani-blog-thumbnailFood lover, nature enthusiast and music lover – sounds like just the right mix, isn’t it?

Meet Amir Jamal Hanjani, another star from our business development team. He feels that his interview at Aditi was like ‘a walk in the park’ until ‘…’ happened.

Want to know what happened? Read on for the details.

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