Best Code I Ever Shipped: Devaraj S


Devaraj started developing Apps for Android even before Google started allowing publisher accounts to publish apps in India. This talented developer draws inspiration from his ‘positive’ fear of failure as well as his mentors who have guided him throughout his professional life.

He is especially proud of his Google analytics project that he built for one of his clients, which can now be used by any client who wants to do analytics on data from Google Analytics. Continue reading »

The “Designer” Vocabulary


Recently I found a very interesting post titled “Designers Who Don’t Talk Like Designers Get Hired”. The particular paragraph in question was:

“Many designers talk to businesses from a designer’s perspective. This results in lost contracts, poor communication, and feeling as though design is unappreciated by the client. It turns out that by learning to take a business perspective, designers can win more contracts, earn more from their work, and be more valued.”

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Building Mobile Web Apps the Right Way: Tips and Techniques

Mobile as a Platform

We’ve all got a mobile device these days – whether it’s a smartphone like the iPhone or a touchscreen tablet like the iPad – and most of us in the industry will use many different features of our mobile devices for various purposes.

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How To Mix Finance And Fun? This Guy Can Tell You!


This finance wiz hails from Kerala, grew up in Kolkata and has worked in Mumbai; but Bangalore is his number 1 choice to live in, thanks to the great weather, opportunities and freedom that the city offers.

He’s been doing a fabulous job re-shaping the image of our finance team as a business contributor rather than an enabler. And he has the CEO award and the CFO Next award to show for it!

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Glimpse with ASP.NET


The moment I say Glimpse with, .Net developers might start thinking that I am talking about some features of But I am actually talking about “Glimpse” – an open source tool that helps in web debugging and diagnosing 4.0 applications.

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