Brewmaster Updates: Making automated Azure deployment simpler than ever

brewmaster-updates-making-automated-azure-deployment-simpler-than-ever-blog-thumbnailA quick recap

Since the Template SDK roll out, things have been busy. It’s been amazing to see users use Template SDK to build out custom IaaS environments on Azure. Supporting users with really ‘out there’ template customization requirements has both been incredibly, fun as well as eye opening. To be honest, we were pretty sure that it’d be a long time before developers venture into dynamic template features. Just goes to show how wrong you can be when one of the first feedback emails was someone trying to use liquid filters in their template! Continue reading »

Stop guessing! Decipher your customer’s intent with touch point analysis

customer-touch-point-analysis-mohan-litehouse-design-blog-thumbnail96% of unhappy customers don’t complain and 91% of those will simply leave and never come back.

For businesses to create deeper, meaningful and empathetic customer connect,  it is indispensable to experience their brands as their consumers do to determine every possible way to make the product or service experience better, more pleasant, more human, and more productive.  This is possible only when every brand carefully analyzes every touch point throughout the customer journey – before, during, and after purchase. Continue reading »

<> CodeTag – Programming Fun


<> CodeTag , Aditi’s very own version of a Hackathon, brought together tech savvy folks together yet again.

The teams were formed by the participants themselves and the floor was open to all, to join any team. As a result, we had some interesting new combinations of team members who had worked together before. To further boost each team, Litehouse team members pitched in and contributed with their innovative visual design techniques and approaches.

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Customer Journey Mapping in the Internet Age

Customer Journey mapping is an integral part of customer experience design. Customer journey maps help to understand the 360 degree view of customer experience lifecycle. While designing the customer experience for any business, it is very important to start with a holistic customer journey map.

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Slice of π

22nd July is Pi Day and to mark the occasion we thought of bringing some facts and information about π for the geeks at Aditi.  To add an extra dash of fun, we’ve divided this post into 3 fun facts, 1 OMG fact and 4 informative facts about Pi (π = 3.14, get it). To know more about Pi, read on …

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