Beyond ‘Bhaiyo and Beheno’ – 12 GrowthHacking lesson from Narendra Modi’s #ModiAtMadison speech

Narendra Modi_Banner_Lessons_in_Branding_Communication

A wise man once taught me, “If you are speaking to 1, speak from your gut and appeal to the spirit; If you are speaking to 10, speak from heart and appeal to emotion; if you are speaking to 100, speak from the head and appeal to logic,” a lesson I found profoundly water tight over the years. Speaking to 20000 people, knowing that over a billion would be tuned in, is a tough act. By acing this, Narendra Modi and his team delivered a master class in PR over the weekend. Here are 12 lessons / observations:

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Brewmaster Template SDK Now Supports Microsoft Azure Reserved IP Addresses


We are excited to announce that Brewmaster now has the capability to create Reserved IPs or use existing ones and associate them with a Microsoft Azure cloud service.

What is Reserved IP?

Each time you perform a deployment on a cloud service, a new virtual IP address (VIP) is dynamically assigned by the Azure infrastructure.  VIP is a public IP address assigned to the cloud service. VMs are typically configured to receive inbound traffic (say for e.g. RDP) via the VIP by setting up an endpoint. Please refer this article for information on how to setup endpoints in a VM.

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5 Features You Wish Were a Part of iPhone 6


Were the features of Apple iPhone 6 any surprise to any of us? I guess not.

With the mobile industry almost reaching a saturation in terms of what are the new features that one can offer, I thought it will be a good time to crowd source some ideas on what are the new features that we would like to see in the mobiles going forward.

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8 Assumptions People Make If You Are An Engineer


“So, you’re an engineer? You must be…”

Assumptions, assumptions everywhere; no rationale in sight! Almost always, you are guessing if these began because someone blended into the stereotype or because they are urban myths that are yet to be demystified. More often than not, these assumptions tend to leave you either flabbergasted or just plain p***ed off!

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UX – We should all know


I think “User Experience is not only the design process; it is actually the methodology/strategy which we should follow throughout the length and breadth of project and which involves all the stake holders.” I had recently gone through a nice banner designed by Erik1 and he named it as UXisnotUI2. He had nicely explained what UX is actually and who the stake holders are. I took a print of same banner and pasted it on my desk board; many of my colleagues stop by and read from it and many had asked for copies. I think it is serving the purpose and many thanks to Erik!

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